College Counselling for 10th Graders

The college-counseling department organized and executed an informative session for 10th graders from the 15th-16th of March 2021 at the school’s lower primary library. The aim was to equip students with sufficient tools for making an informed decision on where and what to study within the IB Diploma and Tertiary education.

The school counselors Ms. Abigail Opare-Oboubisa and Mr. Emil Frempong opened the session with an engaging activity to warm up the students to the session. The tenth-graders then wrote down lessons they hoped to learn by the end of the two-day session.

Expectations penned down by the tenth-graders at the beginning of the session

The activity was followed by an introduction to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme that begins at the 11th grade.  The introduction to the IB Diploma courses was facilitated by the head of the Programme Mr. Stephen Bempah. He made clear distinctions of the various IBDP assessments such as the Extended Essay, Internal Assessments, and the Theory of Knowledge. He also highlighted the academic timelines for each.

Various IBDP subject teachers and departmental heads gave detailed explanations of each IB subject and its core requirements. In addition to one-on-one sessions with their prospective subject teachers were tutorial videos by the counseling department on how students can identify their talents, skills, and abilities, which come in handy when selecting courses.

Mr. Grant, the Community, Action and Service Coordinator (CAS) gives the students an overview of what is expected of them

Students proceeded to apply what they had learned into generating their mind-map of career profiles. They were put in groups and asked to brainstorm on various career profiles and identify what it would take to achieve such.

Creating a career profile to map out their prospective academic ventures

The two-day session was concluded by the IB Diploma 2 students who gave counsel to the younger students. They shared their past experiences, challenges, and how they overcame them. Consequently, students become better informed about the IBDP. Each one had an idea of what they were getting into and how to maneuver through it.

IB Diploma 2 students give tenth-graders an overview of what to expect in the program and how to navigate through it.