AIS Easter Concert - Drawing Attention to the True meaning of Easter

While COVID-19 has made it almost impossible to celebrate Easter to its fullest, Association International School students did everything possible to visually illustrate the meaning of the season. Students and teachers managed to put up a 2 hour virtual Easter concert for public consumption.

The virtual concert commenced with a speech by Mr. Sammy Nakitare. He clarified the importance of the holiday and why AIS observed it.

“Easter season is important because this is the time we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord; it is through this that we gain eternal life” – Mr. Nakitare, Head of the English Department.

Students both in school and at home joined in the different facets of the concert through visual recordings. While AIS faculty members took charge to ensure each student on campus participated in the event, parents did their fair share of recording their children at home as they performed their dues.

The virtual concert consisted of scripture verses, orchestral music, dance shows, and a skit visually depicting the motive behind the celebration.


Excellent student involvement
“Our students played a huge role in the concert production. We had a song written and composed by one of the students Tsemi Lawson (Song title: Forgiven). The easter play was scripted by Anna-Clarissa Arlyn Lawson and performed by her peers” – Ms. Elsie Srodah; Head of Drama and Performing Art

A visual from Tsemi Lawson’s music video “Forgiven” where she featured some of her peers as well

Middle school students re-enact the “Passion of Christ” crucifixion scene

“Our goal was to draw attention to what Easter means–the death and resurrection of Christ. We wanted to sensitize the students and raise them as ambassadors of Christ” Adds Ms. Srodah

Students were also involved in the execution of the virtual concert. They were in charge of videography, editing, and hosting. Faculty members made the event possible by organizing their students for the event and making a special appearance through choral music.

Ms. Elsie Srodah facilitates the skit production

Mrs. Maria captured during a self-choreographed dance performance for the virtual concert

At the end of the concert, the Head of school, Mrs. Doryumu thanked the faculty members and students for such a wonderful show. She also urged each one to keep the faith and proclaim Christ to the rest of the world.

“I want us to go out there and share the good news of Jesus to everyone. Keep Jesus in your hearts and your minds” – Mrs. Doryumu, Head of School