Journey through the MYP Exhibition with a few of our MYP 5 Students.

The MYP Personal Project is student-led and teacher-supported. Students begin the project in MYP where they write and submit proposals on the kind of project they would like to pursue.  Students are, thereafter, assigned a supervisor who guides them through the year-long project. Students choose a goal and decide how to achieve it. They plan, execute and write a report which includes a reflection on how they further developed and utilized the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills in the process. They also reflect on how completing the Personal Project has advanced their knowledge in certain areas.

Students are assessed on three major components of the Personal project:

  • The process journal
  • The product
  • The Academic report

Our students explored a range of subjects areas including music, art, science, computer science, and more. Below is a video of a few presentations from our students Zoe, Amani, Kwesi, and Matilda whose projects heavily focused on community development. Kwesi worked with a group of boys to enhance their football skills, Zoe created a website where students can make their voices heard. Amani created awareness on cerebral palsy through a website whereas Matilda created awareness on Mental Health through a website.