Students from the STY orphanage in Tema engaged with some of the toys received.

We had the honor of visiting the Save them Young children’s orphanage on Saturday the 12th of February, 2022 in light of the recently concluded Global School Playday which our PYP and EYP students were part of.

AIS decided to extend the play day to the community by donating toys to the children’s home. AIS parents, students, and staff actively participated in this worthy cause, bringing a smile to the children’s faces.

Save Them Young, located in Tema; Ghana is a children’s home that cares for abandoned, abused, missing, and orphaned children. This is a non-governmental organization founded by two good-willed Reverends; Rev. Dr. Colleen Opoku Amuaben and her husband Rev.King Opoku in 1996. The home currently houses 78 children ranging in age from infancy (below 12 months) and 18 years of age. Five of these children are developmentally challenged. Due to large numbers and a constant influx of children, the home is unable to adequately provide learning resources for their children, especially those born with various challenges. AIS students, parents, and staff members were able to donate some toys and resources that would aid in better learning. Some of these included geoboards, tweezer games, activity wall panels, sensory toys, stuffed animals and so much more. 



Ms. Linda and Ms. Sandeepa (Head of Lower School at AIS)

Parents also donated essential items such as diapers and a Neubelizer; something the orphanage was in dire need of.

We are grateful for the Neubelizer. It’s something that’s been on our list of needs. We’ve often had to rush children to the hospital in the middle of the night because they cant breathe well. This makes our work difficult as we are short of staff, the sick child would need to sleep over at the hospital with a staff member, and it is often costly too. We are, therefore, very grateful to have received this Neubelizer” – Ms. Linda; Director Save Them Young Tema

The IB Learner profile encourages students to be caring; showing compassion and a commitment to service with the Aim of making a positive impact in the lives of others. It is heartwarming to see our students embody this trait. Many thanks to our AIS parents who are also embodying the IB learner profile by day. We look forward to engaging our learning community in more communal activities such as this.

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