The celebration of our diversity and multiculturalism that is Ethnic Pride Day at Association International School is special.

This year’s theme, ‘One World, One Family’, reminds us that we should care for one another, especially in these challenging times.

Ethnic Pride Day is an annual event held at Association International School to celebrate the culture, traditions, and diversity of our student body and faculty. This year’s celebration was more special because it was held for the first time at our state-of-the-art Five Loaves and Two Fish Auditorium.


After a secret ballot, each of the homerooms from Pre-KG to DP2 was tasked with finding creative ways to represent one of the 26 nationalities represented at Association International School. Students and faculty dress in the traditional clothing of their chosen country and share information about the country through various performances including dance, skits, and songs. Parents, faculty, and students also bring food from various countries to share at the international food court.

The Association International School Parent Association (AISPA) took an active part in this year’s event. They brought authentic cuisine from the countries represented, organized a photo booth, and went all out to support their children.

Students also created their own props for the event in the AIS Makerspace.

We would like to thank all parents, staff, and students for making this year’s Ethnic Pride Day truly remarkable.