Early Years at Association International School are the most exciting, enchanting, and enlightening group. As we nurture their curious minds and provide them with opportunities to develop skills and character. Play, along with music, dance, and dramatic expression, is a crucial component of our curriculum.

The Early Years of AIS wowed the audience at this year’s 60th Anniversary Launch & Founder’s Day with their impeccable performance, unmatched confidence, and heartfelt portrayal of the founder, Col. George E. Amuah (rtd), through a dance-drama in which they swayed in various genres and eras. With their subtle satire and comedic timing, they had the audience in stitches. The most impressive aspect of it was that they accomplished this without assistance from any of the adults present on stage, demonstrating that they have developed self-management skills and a can-do-it-just-trust-us attitude.

You will enjoy snippets of their unforgettable performance in our series on media — “Beginnings” – the name of the dance drama. Here’s to our little AIS STARS…. we are so proud of you.