— AIS Admissions overview

Welcome to Association International School.

We  encourage you to discover the unique community that awaits your family at Association International school. AIS is a Christian Community that provides a variety of learning opportunities for your child. Our students learn the skills needed to acclimate socially and to build a strong foundation in faith and academic growth. Students will continue to build upon those skills and encourage critical thinking skills, along with our goal to establish children who are charitable and exhibit leadership qualities.

Association International  School is an innovative school that uses the classroom environment and technology to meet the needs of your child’s future. We welcome you to discover this unique experience by exploring our website and continue with your quest to find a school that will fit your family’s needs.

Applying to Association International School is simple, and our Admissions staff will be happy to assist you with any additional questions. We look forward to meeting your family in the near future.


Kind Regards,

Director of Admission.