Application Procedure

We accept applications from students for Early Childhood, Lower and Secondary Schools regardless of race, gender, ethnic, religion, and national background.

1. Complete Initial enquiry form

2. Purchase registration package

3. Complete and return application forms and supporting documentation to the Admissions office (within two weeks if possible)

4. Schedule placement test date for your child

5. Parent/Guardian interview with Head of School

6. Parent/Guardian informed about admission decision by letter – invoice with all related fees and enrollment contract also included

7. Return enrollment contract and pay admission, tuition, and related fees by the given deadline

8. All paperwork requested within the application package must be completed and submitted before entrance into the school. The School requires all student records in English or translated into English from the applicant’s previous school. The School reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance.

9. If a question regarding placement arises, the following factors are considered: School records, age, and results of the entrance test.

10. Students with documented special education needs will have that taken into consideration and where possible, be admitted and given support, consistent with the AIS Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy.

11. Parents or guardians of prospective students must ensure that all information relevant to the application is given. Any lack of disclosure such as disciplinary action, expulsion and suspension, a requirement for Special Educational Support, and a medical condition may result in the student not being admitted.

Enrollment Priority Policy

Priority enrollment will be accorded to students with siblings already at AIS, or with siblings who have graduated from AIS, provided the child meets all of the requirements for admission.

Waiting List Policy

If a student has passed the necessary admissions requirements, but there is no space available, he/she may be placed on a waiting list. Students will be added to this list according to the enrollment priority policy.

Late Admissions

A student may be admitted to the school at any time during the school year provided there is space and the starting period of the applicant is not too close to the end of the semester in which he is applying into.