About Association International School

— History & Traditions

International School Environment

The history of the Association International School from its beginnings in 1963 to the present, is the story of a man who started a small private international school, hardly known beyond the limits of its city in the twentieth century, and stamped it with his ideals of education, transforming it into a natioanlly recognized institution. Colonel George E. Amuah Rtd gave the school its basic character through the strength of of his own good qualities. It is a legacy that continues to this day.

More On Our History

— Ethnic Pride

As an International School and as part of our school’s tradition, every academic year, we celebrate the Ethnic Pride Festival to commemorate Internationalism and the diversity of the different Nationalities and Cultures represented at AIS. This event has become one of the highlights that our students, faculty members, as well as parents, look forward to each year. At our Ethnic Pride Day celebrations, we aim to acknowledge and appreciate the diversity of our students and allow them to develop a knowledgeable understanding of other people’s cultures.

Ethnic Pride Day Events

— Honors Convocation and Jacketing Ceremony

In September, we honor and recognize the academic achievements of our students. At the annual Honors Convocation and Jacketing Ceremony, we give out certificates to secondary students on the honor roll, and external certificates: IGCSE, and ABRSM Music. At the end of the ceremony, the head of school will help each student in IB1 put on their jacket. These jackets symbolize pride and the start of a new academic journey.

— Thanksgiving Service

At the annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service children of all ages will come together to remember that all good things come from God. The Thanksgiving prayer beings with an opening prayer and a reading of scripture. It includes a multi-age activity that combines art and prayer. The product of this prayer service represents the gratitude of all the children in AIS.