AIS Residential Life

— Boarding

The residential program is designed to facilitate personal discovery and academic achievement. The personal relationships that develop between faculty and students or students and each other are the foundations of that discovery. We encourage an atmosphere where every student can freely try new things, explore the world of possibilities available at AIS, and discover new interests and hidden talents.
The boarding facility is one in a series of elements carefully designed to provide comfort and community. For this reason, each dormitory is a smaller communal entity in which students can find unique traditions and a sense of belonging.

Evening Studies

Students gain new insights into their coursework as they work alongside friends in evening study halls or discuss global events over breakfast with students from around the world. As a resident student, you have access to small-group or one-on-one coaching by teachers to help sharpen your study strategies and learning skills, keep you focused on your academic goals. Residential life at AIS deepens your relationships with teachers and classmates whilst intensifying your academic growth and achievement.

Boarding Amenities

Double beds

Wifi - Internet

Dining areas

kitchen area

Study facilities



The residential program gives the students an ample opportunity to have their studies in a friendly environment that feels like home. Older students who need more time to study may benefit more from this program, through our strong emphasis on study sessions. 

We have certain traditions and programs in place to keep our students entertained. For instance, they Indulge in sporting activities, movie nights, karaoke nights, game nights amongst other activities over the weekend. They also enjoy outdoor excursions and shoppings which they do once a month to stock up on supplies. 


Wake up at 5:30 AM for preparations. We have devotions with students at around 6:30 and leave for school at 6:45. After school, students shuttle back to the dorm, rest and prepare for study hall at 7:00PM till 9:00PM for younger students (Grade 6-10). Older students (IB1 and IB2) have the option of extending their study time up to 11PM 


Calvince Opot, Dorm Parent 

Dorm COVID Protocols

  1. Common areas have been marked to observe social distancing.
  2. The common areas are cleaned and disinfected twice a week
  3. Large rooms accommodate a maximum of four students while smaller rooms accommodate a maximum of two students
  1. The dorm facility has been equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser and a Veronica Bucket for students to wash their hands whenever they return to the dorm.
  2. Social distancing and mask wearing are enforced by houseparents when necessary.