AIS Students

Recognizing that we are educating children for a rapidly changing world in the 21st century, we strive to develop students who are:
• Critical, analytical, innovative thinkers and problem-solvers
• Equipped with the technological skills needed to function effectively in an increasingly-complex world
• Effective communicators, capable of expressing themselves in various media and/or languages, as well as interpreting the messages of the world around them
• Aware of the physical, historical, cultural, and environmental forces that have shaped the modern world, with an ability to apply this knowledge to better comprehend the present and anticipate the future
• Collaborative team members with the ability to work within a team or to exercise leadership effectively and appropriately
• Motivated, questioning, continuous learners with the capacity for personal autonomy, a desire for personal excellence and the initiative to seek self-improvement
• Self-confident, resourceful, and resilient contributors to democratic society
• Physically and emotionally healthy, capable of utilizing the resources available to deal with the demands of an active life
• Ethical community members with high Christian standards and clear values that are not dependent upon a controlled environment
• Responsible decision-makers who anticipate the consequences of their actions
• Aware of, and sensitive to, the variety of perspectives through which others see the world