AIS Alumni Feature.

Peggy Asare Doughan

School: University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Major: Chemistry

AIS 2019 graduate

Tips on how to choose colleges

-Do a thorough research on various colleges and what they offer.

-Have a discussion with your parents about the cost, in order to narrow your search.

-Choose colleges that provide great opportunities for you in terms of the program of your choice.

-Know the kind of college environment you are looking for.

What should AIS students know before going to uni?

University is where true independence starts. Time management is very important.

Always read the course syllabus!! Build a good relationship with either your professor or your TA.

Lastly, try and make as many friends as possible in your first year- especially those in your Program.

First year is more or less like a recap but make every moment count!

How did you decide on what to do in college

I spoke with a few of my teachers because I was unsure about what I wanted to do.

I realized my strengths and weaknesses, and this helped me choose a program that was suitable for me.

What has your uni experience been so far?

My uni experience has been great and amazing!! I am glad AIS helped me have a smooth transition. The skills learnt can be see