How to Apply

— Admissions

We accept applications from students for Early Childhood, Lower and Secondary Schools regardless of race, gender, ethnic, religion, and national background.

  • Students aged 2-3 years will be asked to come for observation by the division heads.
  • Students aged 4 years will be asked to come for a Math and English test.
  • Students aged 5 years and above will be asked to come in for a Math, English and Science test.

  • Admissions Policy Handbook

Step 01

Complete Online Enquiry Form

Complete initial inquiry form. Our inquiry forms can be completed online or in person at the school.

Step 02

Create Online Account

Upon completion and submission of the inqury form. Register online and set up an account to be able to purchase registration package online or in person at the school.

Step 03

Submit the Required Forms

Complete and return application forms and supporting documentation to admissions office or upload documents to online account.

Step 04

Placement Test and Campus Tour

Schedule placement test and campus tour online or in person at the school.

Step 05

School Interview

Parent/Guardian interview with Head of School

Step 06

Admission Information

Parent/Guardian informed about admission decision by letter-invoice with all related fees and enrollment also included

Step 07


Return enrollment contract and pay admission, tuition and related fees.

Please Note

All paperwork requested within the application package must be completed and submitted before entry into the school. The School requires all student records in English or translated into English from the applicant’s previous school. The School reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance..

Application Deadlines

We accept applications all throughout the semester except a month before the semester comes to a close. Our interview sessions and one-on-one observations with students are held every Tuesday and Thursdays in the month of July.