History of Association International School

Association International School was founded by the late Colonel George E. Amuah in 1963 and stamped with his education values, transforming it into a nationally recognized institution decades later. The late Colonel George E. Amuah gave the school its foundational character through the strength of his good qualities, and his legacy continues to date.

How it all begun

The need to establish the institution came from the late Colonel Amuah’s desire to have all his children educated at an ideal school. However, this desire grew to satisfy more than just his needs. The institution provided scholarly training and moral education for other children as well.Determined to invest in his students, Colonel Amuah recruited an exceptional faculty body that reflected internationalism in the true sense. Additionally, he gave his students an exceptionally well-rounded curriculum through continuous exposure to a meticulously comprehensive education.

The Fall and Rise of AIS

While the institution has maintained its original site since conception, it underwent a state of great turmoil that deteriorated its reputation in 1984. However, this and much more was reinstated 25 years later when the democratic administration led by His excellency President John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor released and returned all its confiscated assets to the rightful owners; the Amuahs

A Period of Transition

Following the reinstatement, students under the Ghana Education Service had to be transitioned and transferred to another government school in 2010 as the institution underwent a major facelift. The newly renovated private international school opened its doors to the public again on the 11th of September, 2011. The campus is set on a 5-acre land and is in phase 2 of a massive capital improvement plan. It has also added two ultra-modern boarding facilities for 8th through 12th-grade students. The institution aims to expand its architecture to accommodate state-of-the-art facilities essential for learning.

AIS today

Association International School has rebuilt its reputation of excellence and has become one of the most sought-after schools within Ghana. Its Alumni have become trailblazers in multinational companies and governmental organizations. The institution currently has over 400 enrolled students and a diverse, thriving community.