Association International School Goes to the World Cup (Qatar 2022)

Qatar 2022 marks the first World Cup to be staged in the Middle East, which makes it unique in many respects. Goal 22, organized in partnership with the Qatar Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of Education & Higher Education Qatar, Qatar Football Association, and Qatar Foundation is another first.

Goal 22 is a year-long program that seeks to empower the youth, create impact, and influence change through football. Generation Amazing (GA) Foundation and the FIFA Foundation developed Goal 22 as part of the build-up to the World Cup.


As part of Phase 2 of Goal 22, schools from each of the 32 participating nations were invited to attend the workshop at the Qatar GA Festival. Two students from Association International School were chosen by Generation Amazing to represent Ghana at this year's World Cup. This is a tremendous honor. Master David Spitta-Ansah (MYP5), Miss Yvonne Blessing Sira (DP1), and Ms. Eileen Hewlett (P.E. Facilitator) represented Association International School and Ghana at the event. In addition, they watched the live Group A match between Senegal and Netherlands on 27th November 2022.

Indeed “…them that honor me I will honor..” (1 Samuel 2:30).

We wish David, Yvonne, and Ms. Eileen all the best.

As our school anthem states “AIS, AIS, AIS we lift your banner high! AIS, AIS, a brilliant revelation of God’s design and will.” We are truly raising leaders, learners, and ambassadors of Christ to the glory of God.


Ethnic Pride Day 2022


The celebration of our diversity and multiculturalism that is Ethnic Pride Day at Association International School is special.

This year's theme, 'One World, One Family', reminds us that we should care for one another, especially in these challenging times.

Ethnic Pride Day is an annual event held at Association International School to celebrate the culture, traditions, and diversity of our student body and faculty. This year’s celebration was more special because it was held for the first time at our state-of-the-art Five Loaves and Two Fish Auditorium.


After a secret ballot, each of the homerooms from Pre-KG to DP2 was tasked with finding creative ways to represent one of the 26 nationalities represented at Association International School. Students and faculty dress in the traditional clothing of their chosen country and share information about the country through various performances including dance, skits, and songs. Parents, faculty, and students also bring food from various countries to share at the international food court.

The Association International School Parent Association (AISPA) took an active part in this year’s event. They brought authentic cuisine from the countries represented, organized a photo booth, and went all out to support their children.

Students also created their own props for the event in the AIS Makerspace.

We would like to thank all parents, staff, and students for making this year’s Ethnic Pride Day truly remarkable.

Celebrating Scholarship - Secondary Graduation 2022

At the annual MYP & DP awards ceremony on June 7, 2022, MYP and IBDP celebrated the end of the academic year. Academic achievement awards for exceptional students were given out across all subject areas. The Head of School, Mrs. Audrey Doryumu, presented each student with their prizes and praised their achievements.

The 2nd Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Mrs. Elsie Addo Awadzi, was a distinguished guest speaker at the awards ceremony at Association International School. Mrs. Addo Awadzi urged students to dream big and make a difference in the world. Additionally, she underlined that since the students have more opportunities than their forebears did, they ought to take advantage of them in order to bring about the change they want to see in the world.

You can find the full text for the Guest Speaker’s speech here

Senior Spotlight: Verona Odhiambo (Class of 2022) University of Toronto (Lester B. Pearson Scholar, 2022)

Association International School Senior Spotlight: Verona Odhiambo (Class of 2022)

University of Toronto (Lester B. Pearson Scholar, 2022)

Verona Odhiambo began her studies at Association International School in DP1 (Year 11). As an international student from Kenya, Verona had to adjust to the rigors of the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) and living in a new country. Verona is a multi-talented learner and she is passionate about making a difference in the world.

Verona was chosen as one of 37 extraordinary applicants for the prestigious Lester B. Pearson Scholarship at the University of Toronto (UofT) this year. The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is awarded to students who have excelled in school and their communities in terms of academic accomplishment, innovation, and leadership.

Verona intends to pursue a BSc. Life Sciences at the University of Toronto to specialize in pharmaceutical chemistry. Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics were her favorite courses at Association International School, so this is no surprise. Verona hopes to contribute to pharmaceutical research by taking full advantage of UofT’s excellent research resources and facilities.

In the summer of 2021, Verona interned at the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP), shadowing Ph.D. and master’s degree candidates and conducting research for her extended essay (EE).

Verona has served as Deputy Head Girl at Association International School, Founder and President of the IB iTrack program, and Co-Organizer of the Rare Disease Initiative.
She is also a podcast editor for Mind Design Sports and a member of the Finance Olympiad.

We wish Verona all the best at UofT. We know that she will excel. Congratulations Verona!

AIS Donation Drive to Tema

Students from the STY orphanage in Tema engaged with some of the toys received.

We had the honor of visiting the Save them Young children’s orphanage on Saturday the 12th of February, 2022 in light of the recently concluded Global School Playday which our PYP and EYP students were part of.

AIS decided to extend the play day to the community by donating toys to the children’s home. AIS parents, students, and staff actively participated in this worthy cause, bringing a smile to the children’s faces.

Save Them Young, located in Tema; Ghana is a children’s home that cares for abandoned, abused, missing, and orphaned children. This is a non-governmental organization founded by two good-willed Reverends; Rev. Dr. Colleen Opoku Amuaben and her husband Rev.King Opoku in 1996. The home currently houses 78 children ranging in age from infancy (below 12 months) and 18 years of age. Five of these children are developmentally challenged. Due to large numbers and a constant influx of children, the home is unable to adequately provide learning resources for their children, especially those born with various challenges. AIS students, parents, and staff members were able to donate some toys and resources that would aid in better learning. Some of these included geoboards, tweezer games, activity wall panels, sensory toys, stuffed animals and so much more. 



Ms. Linda and Ms. Sandeepa (Head of Lower School at AIS)

Parents also donated essential items such as diapers and a Neubelizer; something the orphanage was in dire need of.

We are grateful for the Neubelizer. It’s something that’s been on our list of needs. We’ve often had to rush children to the hospital in the middle of the night because they cant breathe well. This makes our work difficult as we are short of staff, the sick child would need to sleep over at the hospital with a staff member, and it is often costly too. We are, therefore, very grateful to have received this Neubelizer” – Ms. Linda; Director Save Them Young Tema

The IB Learner profile encourages students to be caring; showing compassion and a commitment to service with the Aim of making a positive impact in the lives of others. It is heartwarming to see our students embody this trait. Many thanks to our AIS parents who are also embodying the IB learner profile by day. We look forward to engaging our learning community in more communal activities such as this.

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IB1 and IB2 Jacketing Ceremony

Officially becoming Seniors

Back in the day, in most African communities, transitioning schoolboys from wearing shorts to wearing trousers was a symbol of maturity and honor. At AIS, the jacketing ceremony symbolizes a handing over of special authority from the school to the young adults.


The older students not only get a chance to hold higher positions in the student council but assist Heads of division in ensuring the student body operates as needed. AIS held its jacketing ceremony on the 24th of February, 2022. The event was led by the Head of School, Mrs. Audrey Doryumu.



Mrs. Doryumu, commonly known as Mrs. D positively admonished the students on the importance of responsibility, their duty to the school, students, staff, and what the symbolic ceremony meant for their future. The event was coordinated by Mr. Ishamel Odum and Mrs. Abigail Blay. All the division heads and the Academic dean were also present to witness the event. 


MYP 5 Personal Project Highlights

Journey through the MYP Exhibition with a few of our MYP 5 Students.

The MYP Personal Project is student-led and teacher-supported. Students begin the project in MYP where they write and submit proposals on the kind of project they would like to pursue.  Students are, thereafter, assigned a supervisor who guides them through the year-long project. Students choose a goal and decide how to achieve it. They plan, execute and write a report which includes a reflection on how they further developed and utilized the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills in the process. They also reflect on how completing the Personal Project has advanced their knowledge in certain areas.

Students are assessed on three major components of the Personal project:

  • The process journal
  • The product
  • The Academic report

Our students explored a range of subjects areas including music, art, science, computer science, and more. Below is a video of a few presentations from our students Zoe, Amani, Kwesi, and Matilda whose projects heavily focused on community development. Kwesi worked with a group of boys to enhance their football skills, Zoe created a website where students can make their voices heard. Amani created awareness on cerebral palsy through a website whereas Matilda created awareness on Mental Health through a website.


PYP Students exhibiting some of their play dolls at the lower school playground. Photo Courtesy of AIS Ghana

Unstructured play allows children to explore, research, and discover new things without any rules on guidelines.

Think of it as an exciting way of exploring how far a child's imagination can go. It also allows observing adults to learn more about the child; what the child enjoys, the type of learner the child could be and so much more. Unstructured play enhances a child's social skills, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and imagination.

The AIS PYP department allowed students to explore various ways of learning through unstructured play. Students brought in various adventurous games and toys ranging from monopoly boards, stuffed animals, puzzles, and more. Each form of play either simulated real-world scenarios, explored problem-solving, role play, or strategy. Children decided how and when to engage with the various objects and toys before them; a decision that was fascinating to watch. Here are a few types of play our students explored.



Simulated play by AIS PYP students through monopoly. Photo Courtesy of AIS Ghana

1. Simulation Play

Simulation games emulate the real world and allow children to make appropriate decisions as would in a real-life setting. Development monopoly, for instance, allows students to experience and learn about how power, negotiations, and transactions happen in the real world. They learn about the value of money, how to make and keep it, as well as how to place value on assets. Furthermore, it gives them a chance to understand how their choices affect the economies around them, and how this could lead to inequality.

2. Adventure Play

Adventure games aim to develop a student's reasoning and problem-solving skills. It also enhances their cognitive abilities and the transfer of knowledge to unfamiliar situations. One way students explore adventure learning is through video games. While video games may be something often frowned upon, appropriate play helps deepen learning and understanding.


Simulated play by AIS PYP students through monopoly. Photo Courtesy of AIS Ghana

3. Role Play

One of the major benefits of role-playing is the development of communication and language in the student. Roleplay allows students to become self-aware, develop an understanding of others and themselves, practice behavior modeling. Roleplay may often introduce students to conflict and challenge them to devise ways of solving them peacefully. Students are often in a better position to understand each other after a role play.


4. Strategy Play

Strategy play allows students to participate in important decision-making that ultimately affects the outcome of a game. They also become aware of individual and group thinking. The fact that such games are won based on decisions made challenges students to become better and try harder with every new game. Strategy games include Ludo and chess.




RolePlay by AIS PYP students. Photo Courtesy of AIS Ghana



For a small child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does ‘just for fun’ and things that are ‘educational.’ The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play - Penelope Leach, psychologist

While play can remain unstructured, parents and educators have an important role to play in ensuring they deliver the right toys and objects to students. Play allows students to explore things beyond the confines of the real world. Let's work together to ensure they get the most out of each minute spent playing.



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How Can Educators Prepare for a New Semester?

Article by Mrs. Akua Frema Asante-Agyei


Akua Frema Asante-Agyei Director of Assessment and Accountability

This got me thinking much more intensely than I had anticipated. Being through one hundred semesters, I guess one becomes complacent and takes for granted the amount of preparation required for a new semester. To share some tips on how best teachers can prepare for a new semester, I have categorized it into two main parts.

The Teacher

I will start with a question. How prepared are you mentally, emotionally, and physically? The answer to this simple question is probably one of the most overlooked areas of a teacher’s life. But the good news is, the teacher is in total control of that area.

One needs to be intentional about offloading the stresses of the previous semester, to be in the best position mentally, emotionally, and physically for a new semester. Get some rest, teachers. Do something you love. Too often, teachers tend to use breaks to catch up on ‘everything’, forgetting to allow themselves to catch up on the much-needed rest.

Taking a good break also allows the teacher to reflect on the activities of the previous semester and to plan ways of improving them. That said, a teacher should be ready for ‘surprises’, as education evolves practically on a daily basis. New strategies are devised every day to ensure the learner reaches their maximum potential, and it is up to the teacher to be ready to adjust to these new ways.

 Let’s now move on to some of the regular things teachers focus on.

The Teacher’s Work

Preparation for a new semester is an ongoing process. There is no start time. Every helpful material, resource, training, opportunity, or knowledge that a teacher comes across throughout the academic year can be used to make a new semester a success. One does not have to wait till the semester is about to start before psyching up.

To have a successful semester, the teacher’s preparation goes includes but not limited to the following.


Prepare the physical learning environment.

  • Ensuring one has a functional learning space can contribute immensely towards one having a smooth start. ‘Little, things such as calendars, birthday charts, welcome packs, name charts (if student list is available), being prepared helps to save some time. Don’t forget to consider the possibility of having new students though.
  • Electronic equipment, class furniture, and other useful items must be checked to ascertain their functionality.

Teaching Materials

  • As much as it lies within your power, ensure teaching and learning materials, including online ones, are set before the semester begins. For your ears only- you will definitely visit your favorite stationery store to check all items on your list.
  •  You may want to consider the involvement of the learning community and plan to inform them ahead of time. 
  • Where possible, plan a couple of lessons in advance. These may be tweaked or completely changed when the semester begins, but it helps to have a headstart.

Stay connected

My final tip is to remain plugged into your source of power. Pray! Pray! Pray! But don’t forget to Read! Read! Read! Learning is an ongoing process, even for the teacher- wait, especially for the teacher.

Experience Education in Ghana | November Newsletter - Association International School