Evening Studies

Students gain new insights into their coursework as they work alongside friends in evening study halls or discuss global current events over breakfast with students from around the world. As a resident student, you have access to small-group or one-on-one coaching by teachers to help you sharpen your study strategies and learning skills and keep you focused on your academic goals. Resident life at AIS deepens your relationships with teachers and classmates and facilitates your academic growth.

Resident Coaching

Resident Coaching is an evening program that offers boarders the opportunity to seek additional academic support. Resident Coaching also gives faculty an opportunity to flex their academic muscles, as teachers provide support in multiple disciplines. Many students take advantage of the program as a way to gain one-on-one time with a member of the faculty in a relaxed environment, to ask specific questions related to their studies, and to maximize the time designated for evening study hours in the dormitories.

One of the many benefits of attending a boarding school is the availability of faculty when students are most often doing their independent coursework in the evenings.

Living on campus extends the intellectual excitement and camaraderie of the school day into every area of your life.