Exchange Program

The Benefits of an Exchange Program

The exchange experience is not only rewarding, but very challenging. During this time, students learn a lot about themselves and have fun as well. They will immerse in the language and culture of their chosen country and live like a local member of a family, town or community and gain skills in inter-cultural learning and understanding. A student will not be a tourist.

Educational Benefits

  • Gain a rich understanding of another culture and come to better understand one’s own culture.
  • Learn a new language or significantly improve one’s current skills in a language through practical immersion.
  • Experience the stimulation of completing some of one’s education in a new and different approach to learning.
  • Greater general knowledge and understanding of global issues.

Personal Benefits

  • Gain experience and maturity through the challenges one faces on exchange which takes one are out of his/her familiar surroundings and comfort zone.
  • Develop increased self-confidence and a sense of self-reliance as a result of one’s exchange experience.
  • Enjoy the excitement of living in another country with the support and security of a host family and sometimes a new set of brothers and sisters.
  • Make new friends that will last a life time and who will help one understand the world through “new eyes”.

Career and Future Study Benefits

  • Become aware of career and further study options one has not haven’t thought of before.
  • Demonstrate ones capacity to cope with change which is increasingly valued by future employers.
  • Experience the benefits of exchange long after one returns home as someone who is different from other applicants for employment or further study as one demonstrates the skills acquired in meeting the challenges of the exchange experience.