AIS Christian Worldview

AIS is founded on a firm foundation of Christian values and beliefs. However, we do respect other religions and beliefs. AIS encourages all student and staff members to recognize and be tolerant of each other’s views, and religious beliefs and practices. We do not require students to be Christian in order to attend AIS. We are an academically rigorous school that teaches critical thinking, respect for other cultures, and ideals, and service to others. However, being a Christ-centered school, it is understood that all students and faculty will honor daily devotions, services, and Christian holidays.

Non-Denominational Christian Organization

AIS does not hold affiliation with nor receive funding from any Christian denomination. It is the goal of AIS to find common ground with all facets of Christianity, focusing on upholding what we feel to be the core tenets of the Bible. These can be found in our Statement of Faith, and it is our hope that these create a spirit of unity, service, and transparency among our student body, faculty, and the institution.

Statement of Faith

We believe the following as the core of that faith in which we find unity as a diverse Christian community:
  • God is creator of the world and of all humankind.
  • Each person is responsible to God for the stewardship of the world and of human life.
  • All people have separated themselves from God through sin and this separation can only be healed through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • The possibility of pleasing God depends upon each person’s acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior, and upon receiving and being obedient to the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit of God.
  • The full revelation of God’s will to humanity is found in the sixty-six books of the Bible.

As a Christian school, We DO NOT expect:

  • That all applying students profess Christianity.
  • That current students must make a decision to become Christian.

As a Christian school, we DO expect:

  • Members of our community to be respectful of all others and their beliefs.
  • Members to attend all events and gatherings and be respectful during times of Christian observances.
  • Members to actively contribute to the overall atmosphere of peace, unity, and acceptance.

As a Christian school, We HOPE:

  • All feel loved, accepted, and welcome in our school.
  • All would come to know the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ.
  • All would be an encouragement to each other to explore and grow in faith.
  • All would learn to live selflessly and serve others

If a student feels led to embrace Christianity, we ask that they respond in their own way.  Such decisions should not be made out of undue influence, to please people, or make a favorable impression.  Academic preference is never given or withheld on the basis of professed faith or religion.