Frequently Asked Questions

— Admissions

How do I apply to AIS?

— Please refer to the Admission page to begin the application process. (Link to admissions page)

Which applicants are given preference in the admission process?

— Priority enrollment will be accorded to students with siblings already at AIS, or with siblings who have graduated from AIS, provided the child meets all of the requirements for admission.

How do I contact the admission team?

— We are available to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact us either by email: or phone: 233 302 777 7735

When can I apply for admission?

— A student may be admitted to school at any time during the school year provided their space, and the stating period of the applicant is not too close to the end of the semester in which he/she is applying into.

What are the school hours?

—  Pre-K – KG 7:30 am – 3:00 pm

—  Grades 1-5 7:30 am -3:15 pm

—  Grades 6-8 7:30 am-3:30 pm

—  Grades 9-12 7:30 – 3:45 pm

What are the additional fees not included in tuition?

—  Tuition covers all day to day student expenses, including educational supplies, books and athletic fees. It does not include uniforms, transportation, extra-curricular activities, and class trips.

How do I schedule a visit?

—  To schedule an appointment/visit, please contact a member of the Admissions Team either by email: or phone: 233 307 777 735.

Does AIS require specific testing for admissions?

—  Yes, we do a placement test.