The Colonel G. Amuah Scholarship Program

The Colonel George E. Amuah Merit Scholarship Program awards a number of merit scholarships to gifted but disadvantaged students, in honour of its founder. The program is offered to students entering 9th Grade for the IGCSE Program and who will continue through with the IB Diploma Program in 11th and 12th Grade. The Scholarship awards partial to complete scholarships for academically gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who would otherwise not be able to attend Association International School. As a Christian school whose mission is to mold intelligent and compassionate learners, leaders, and ambassadors of Christ for the glory of God, we believe part of our calling as Christians is to help those less fortunate. Through this program, the current recipients of the scholarship have been challenged, given opportunities, and stand at doors that would have never presented themselves had this scholarship not existed.

The scholarships are based on the results of a scholarship exam held yearly. The school admissions office advertises the scholarships in July each year, both internally and in the local and national press.