IB Subject

To be eligible for the IB Diploma, each student is required to follow six IB courses, with one subject taken from groups 1 to 5 and one from Group 6 or any other group in the curriculum model:

Group 1: language A (language and literature)

Group 2: second language (language and acquisition)

Group 3: individuals and societies

Group 4: experimental sciences

Group 5: mathematics

Group 6: arts OR one subject from group 1

Further, all IB Diploma students must choose two or three courses at standard level (SL)


In addition, all IB Diploma students must complete:

A course in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

A 4,000-word Extended Essay in a subject of their choice

A Creativity, Activity, & Service (CAS) programme

The following subjects are available at AIS for our IBDP programme at both Higher and Standard Level.

Group 1

Most students will offer English A: Language and Literature as Language A but it is possible for students to follow self-taught Language A courses in other languages.

Group 2

French B and Spanish B are available.

Group 3

History, Geography and Economics are the subjects available in this group.

Group 4

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics are available here.

Group 5

Mathematics courses offered are Mathematics Higher Level and Mathematics Standard Level.

Group 6

Visual Arts is offered in this group.