Junior Kindergarten (4 —5 yrs)

— Curriculum

Our curriculum includes listening, speaking, and writing activities to develop a child’s skill-set further. We use the Oxford Reading program based on sound research aligned with critical Junior-K learning goals. Essential components of this are an integrated curriculum, standards-based instruction, age-appropriate activities with a balance of exploration and preparation, a focus on literacy, and an emphasis on family involvement. Through literature, learning center games, stories, poetry, and informational reading, the children develop their language skills. Pre-handwriting skills are a focus through the D’ Nealian Handwriting program. Teachers work with this program for ease of developmental transition to handwriting skills in kindergarten.

Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics is a comprehensive, activity-based program that uses the pedagogical principles of the Singapore Maths approach to help students build a strong foundation in mathematics through fun-filled lessons and activities.

This program provides students with essential mathematical facts and concepts and provides a sound foundation for using Singapore Math strategies in later years. Science and social studies help enhance the child’s knowledge of the world outside of their direct experiences. Units on transportation, communities, holidays, animals, and family structures enrich the curriculum. Our students attend music, art, library, physical education, and computer classes with full-time faculty. They learn the French language through familiar songs, stories, and physical activities in the classroom. Students attend assembly and chapel twice a week and actively participate through storytelling, songs, and prayer.