Music is considered an integral aspect of the learning experience at AIS.

Every student is entitled to music instruction in the classroom. This instruction focuses on the elements, rudiments, and appreciation of music. Students are also provided with the resources to listen and explore different styles of music from over the world. Learning to play recorders, hand bells and small percussion instruments is also part of the classroom culture of the primary school.

Co- curricular activities include the lower and secondary school choirs and the school orchestra.

Extra-curricular activities include one-on-one instruction in piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, trumpet and clarinet. Also included in the extra-curricular program are cultural dancing and drumming, modern dance and ballet.

Each Semester, in-school events are organized for the Christmas and Easter seasons where the musical talents and achievements of the students are showcased and recognized.

Musicals and Recitals are also staged off-campus at the National Theatre and other popular venues where again the best of our musical talents are displayed. One such event was the production of the Prince of Egypt Musical in 2015, which has so far not been equalled by any other school.