Pre Kindergarten (1—3yrs)

— Early Childhood School

AIS’s Pre Kindergarten program seeks to help students develop pride and confidence in themselves and their abilities. Our program focuses on developing a strong academic foundation, developing the skills for critical thinking, personal responsibility, and time management. We encourage social and emotional growth in a Christian environment with supportive and loving teaching staff.


Our learning approach meets the needs of young children by providing for and fostering their sense of wonder and curiosity. Our children are encouraged to investigate and interact at their speed and developmental level. Children are encouraged to listen, re-tell stories, and are introduced to pre-reading skills such as identifying capital letters and sounds, recognizing their first and last names, and more.

Pre Kindergarten uses the DLM (Developmental Learning Materials) to study language arts, math, science, and social studies, all integrated into units of study through literature, learning centers, games, stories, nursery rhymes, and reading. Children visit the library, art, and music rooms. Science and social studies are integrated through discussions, songs, puppets, and stories about weather, seasons, people, and animals.

Calendar time introduces the children to number knowledge, time, patterns, and problem-solving. Exploration with manipulatives allows children to learn concepts such as shapes, sequencing, and comparisons. The children receive French instruction from our French teacher through games and hands-on activities. Children will listen, speak, sing, and move to gain an appreciation of the French language. Students in Pre-K attend chapel and assembly twice a week.