English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our ESL program is intended for students with little or no understanding of English. To facilitate their transition to the mainstream English classroom and be able to fit in as well as excel academically, these students are pulled-out of their class during their regular English hours, and put into the ESL class where they will benefit from intensive English instruction.

The ESL classroom focuses on oral communication such as listening, speaking and gaining a maximum of vocabulary knowledge and grammatical structures in order for the students to express themselves.

The ESL program seeks to:

  • To enable the students to become competent in understanding, speaking, reading and writing English
  • To provide ESL students with equal educational access and benefits
  • To give ESL students the opportunity to experience early academic success while they learn English as a second language
  • To build knowledge and learning in content areas as they acquire English

We accomplish this by implementing the following:

  • All instruction is done in English
  • When possible, the child’s primary language is used to clarify instruction
  • English is taught through reading, language arts, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • There is a strong English language development (ELD) component in every lesson
  • The acquisition of the English language takes place in a structured, non-threatening environment in which students feel comfortable taking risks; and lessons include controlled vocabulary while students gradually acquire the necessary language skills to succeed academically