Gifted and Talented

All children are special, however not all children are gifted.  According to Francoys Gagne (2003), “Gifted children are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following domains of human ability: intellectual, creative, social and physical. Talented students are those whose skills are distinctly above average in one or more areas of human performance.”  Giftedness is not measured just in academic achievement and results.

We believe being smart is not enough, and a child needs the support and guidance to help them achieve his or her gifted potential.  Just as a plant needs air and water to thrive, here in AIS we create the environmental factors which support and encourage gifted and talented children.

Our Gifted & Talented Program (G&T) program ensures we have a learning environment to identify, encourage, teach and train these exceptionally gifted and talented students to thrive, fly and eventually contribute value to society through their exceptional abilities.

How we do this at AIS:

  • Placement in AIS G&T program
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Acceleration and enriched curriculum– Students can be accelerated across the year or within subjects.
  • Differentiation–means creating something to extend the child in their class; richer or more challenging tasks
  • Teacher-student matching– matching personalities as well as learning styles
  • Mentoring/cross age tutoring– matching younger or older students with similar interests/abilities to enhance learning of both
  • Independent Negotiated Programs– in-depth studies, student interest and skills determine the scale and scope of the project, negotiated with staff regarding resources, etc.
  • Development of independent learning skills
  • Opportunities to be with intellectual peers
  • Competitions– individual, team, internal, external – there are heaps of them!
  • Alternative out of classes learning
  • Behavioral contracting
  • Mentorships
  • College, University & career counseling

Here at AIS, with our many G&T students, we aim to identify, support and challenge them to develop their God given potential.

As a parent, you can help develop the potential of your gifted and talented child by encouraging their interests and focus on reading. Playing games such as Scrabble, Articulate, Boggle. Lateral thinking games, extra classes, personal tutors, clubs and travelling are methods to enhance your child’s gifts and talents. Valuing, understanding and supporting your gifted or talented child is essential.