Because each child is created in God’s image for unique and useful purpose, each needs to be trained in Godly character. A child has physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual needs.  AIS seeks to provide each student, through a broad range of activities, the opportunity to pursue personal growth in all these areas. In support of our Mission, Vision, and Values, the AIS professional learning community holds the following educational beliefs:

  1. Student learning is the focus of our organization, yet the faculty and staff will also be active learners in the community.
  2. A safe, respectful, and supportive environment is essential for each individual to pursue personally challenging goals.
  3. The curriculum and instructional strategies will inspire and motivate students to learn.
  4. Students have individual talents and qualities that must be discovered and developed.
  5. Students achieve their best when they build on prior understanding and skills, and apply their learning to issues of personal and global significance.
  6. Continual goal-setting and reflection is essential to achieve personal and community growth.
  7. Appreciation of cultural diversity is essential to promoting international understanding and responsible citizenship.
  8. The education of each student is a responsibility shared by students, parents, and teachers.
  9. Parents/guardians have invested in us this sacred trust.
  10. Total development of the child includes doing so in a sound Christian environment, established on sound ethical and Biblical foundation and exemplified by being strong leaders and mentors in the faith for our young people.