Annual Musical Productions

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!!!

The Visual and Performing Arts Division is a vibrant part of our school culture. Students will have the opportunity to develop their talents and discover unknown talents as they participate and dedicate themselves to the Performing Art Productions. Students will develop public speaking, singing, dancing or acting, and experiencing the intriguing life of theatre.

 Our past out-of-school events include the red carpet musical, Music from the Movies: A Touch of Broadway in 2013; our first major production, The Prince of Egypt in 2015, and Noah and his Floating Ark in 2016.

Currently we are working on Aladdin, a new Musical Production that will go live on April 2017 at the National Theatre. The cast is taken mainly from the Secondary Division of the school with a few minor parts given to students in the Elementary Division. Casting is done by auditioning.

Music and orchestration are provided by Music Department, consisting of the 100-member Lower School choir, the Secondary school choir and the school orchestra. Vocals for the Production are done by the Lower school choir, while the main solo renditions are done by the choir of the Secondary Division.  Instrumentation is provided by the school orchestra. Rehearsals are intensive and are done on Thursdays and some Saturdays 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Parents play a vital role in support and sponsorship of the various events, as well as helping to procure sponsors.

The Director on campus is our Drama instructor, Miss Elsie Shrodah. The Props and staging crew are external professionals under the directorship of Mr. Solomon Dartey, assisted by students.