This is a creatively progressive, action-packed program which gives student the opportunity to explore in-depth drama in a reflective and innovative way. With guided learning hours, students are coached both individually and as an ensemble using dramatic stimuli to develop their performance skills. Using theory and practical applications, students are challenged to communicate their feelings, develop their creative ideas, and build a more positive, self-confident image about themselves in a safe environment. The skills and techniques developed include story-telling, creative writing, understanding the role of the actor, conflict resolution building, structuring a piece of drama, characterization, voice, movement and the use of theatre terminologies.

Performing arts is important to the AIS curriculum because students learn to find the best way for each member of a group to participate, listen and accept the viewpoints and contributions of others. It prepares students to cooperate in a world which is increasingly team-oriented and information-centred. Students who participate in dramatic activities are less likely to have difficulty speaking in public and are more persuasive in their communications, both written and oral. Performing arts requires discipline and self-control that will serve student well in all aspects of life.