Birthday Celebrations

When your child is celebrating a birthday you may decide to send in a cake for the whole class to share. You are very welcome to come into the cafeteria during the lunch period, join the celebration and take photographs. Please arrange a convenient time with the homeroom teacher and or the Dean of Students. Please note that no other items e.g. party bags, food, drinks, etc. are accepted at the school as part of the birthday celebrations.

Religious Beliefs and Holidays

The school is founded and based on a firm foundation of Christian values. However, we do respect other religions and beliefs. AIS encourages all students and staff members to recognize and be tolerant of each other’s views.  The curriculum of the school provides understanding and mutual respect among students regarding religious beliefs or practices. However, being a Christ-centered school, it is understood all students and faculty will honor and celebrate daily devotions, chapels, and Christian holidays.


There are many celebrations important to the population of an international school that it is not possible to recognize them all. Where a celebration offers the opportunity for significant curricular learning, it may be incorporated into the curriculum. Association International School is a Christian school, so where celebrations are of a religious nature, Association International School only teaches about the belief. Association International School does not instruct in any religious belief. Our aim is to acknowledge and appreciate the diversity of our students, and give them the opportunity to develop knowledgeable understanding of other people’s beliefs. Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with parents who are willing to share a cultural tradition or