Drinks and Food

In the Classroom

Food and drinks are not allowed in any classroom or in the administration building. Students and teachers eat lunch together in the cafeteria. During lunch, all students and teachers must say grace before being seated. Grace will be led by either a teacher or a student. Principals will join students for lunch from time to time. We also encourage the administrative staff to join the students and teachers during lunch, when possible, to help build a stronger sense of community across the school.

Mid-morning Snack

We encourage parents to send a small healthy snack, such as fruit, crackers or raw vegetables with children for their snack break(s). During breaks and after school, snacks are available for sale. Purchasing of food items from the cafeteria will be done using a Photo ID card system that students can use to redeem for food or drinks. Through the finance office, money can be loaded onto the ID card for purchase of snacks.

Students are not allowed to chew gum, chocolate, sweets, and consume fizzy drinks in school.


Students have the option to bring in lunch from home or take advantage of the lunch program at school. Regardless of the option that is chosen, all students will eat lunch together with their class in the cafeteria. For the lunch program, lunch orders are taken monthly and students are encouraged to be responsible for choosing their meals. Meals are prepared in our kitchen and served in the cafeteria during lunch break. Lunch time is 45 minutes per class and is staggered between 11:15 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.