Honor Code

AIS Honor Code is our system of student rewards and consequences. As in most preparatory schools, AIS holds high expectations for students, both in and out of school. AIS Honor Code encourages students to conduct themselves in such a way as to be ambassadors for Christ and bring glory to God. The Honor Code incorporates many aspects of school life, from classroom behavior in the Code of Conduct, found in the Parent/Student Handbook, to the Honor Board, a student leads disciplinary committee that meets regularly to hear various incidents and recommend action(s) to the Head of School. My conduct in school, class, teams, and clubs will be a demonstration of my understanding of the Honor Code, including but not limited to the following behaviors:

Personal Integrity
As a member of the AIS community, I will conduct myself in a trustworthy manner which includes being honest in word and action.
I will keep a positive attitude.
I will strive to do what is right.
I will do my best work without assistance unless requested to work in teams.
I will keep my word.
I will tell the truth knowing there will be times when that will be difficult.

Respect for the Rights of Others
I will acknowledge that others are different from me and respect our differences.
I will respect others by my actions and language.
I will treat others as I expect to be treated.
I will strive to be aware of the feelings of others.
I will use appropriate language.
I will ask permission before I touch another person’s belongings.

Self-discipline begins when I leave home for school and I arrive prepared and on time for School, classes, and School events.
I will be in my homeroom by 8:00 a.m.
I will respect classroom rules and those of the School so that we all may learn in an atmosphere of order.
I will wait my turn.
I will use my time effectively.
I will practice self-control by keeping my hands and feet to myself.
I will listen when someone is speaking and wait to express my own ideas.

Appreciation of Traditional Values
I will learn, understand, and obey the Honor Code.
I will use appropriate table manners, and be polite and caring to others.
I will dress neatly and follow the Dress Code.

Ability to Work with Others
I will work for the good of the group rather than for personal advantage.
I will respect the opinions of others.
I will cooperate with others and do my share of the task to be completed.
I will look for opportunities to help others.
I will cooperate even when my idea is not the one chosen.

Social Responsibility
I will follow all the guidelines stated in The AIS School’s Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.
I will cheerfully participate in activities that meet the needs of people who are less fortunate and take part in community service projects.
I will give my talents and skills to help where needed.
I will take care of School property because it belongs to all of us.
I will keep the School clean by picking up litter from the floor even if I did not throw it there.
I will strive to make a contribution in my school, which is my community.