Learning Resource Centre

The AIS Learning Resource Centre is a vital part of our commitment to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to realize his or her full academic potential. The centre features

  • Books containing the latest findings in the field of learning
  • On-site assistance with student and teacher research needs
  • Personalized learning programs for each student
  • A dedicated classroom where qualified Learning Centre Specialists assist students
  • Computers that both students and teachers can use for quiet work

Students who register for Learning Support will participate with their class in activities such as PE, Music and Art, so that they can build and maintain strong ties with their classmates. However, in core subjects such as Math, reading, writing, ESL and study skills, students will work directly with a Learning Resource Specialist. Depending on the student’s needs, assistance is provided on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups to ensure that each child gets individualized attention. In this way, we can supplement the needs that can’t be met in the classroom.
In addition to enrichment activities, we’re available to provide individual classroom support at a teacher’s request. We also go into the classrooms to teach study skills or work on special projects. The Learning Resource Centre office also coordinates outside professional services including therapy and speech/language services, psychological testing and testing for other learning difficulties.

Here at AIS, we believe every child is unique and as such, we pride ourselves in ensuring that appropriate measures, strategies and systems are put in place to support every child to become the best they can be.

To this end, the Learning Resource Centre was established with the sole purpose of offering learning support to students from Grades 1 to 12 with mild learning needs as well as students who have no command of the English language because it is not their first language.

The learning Resource Centre works closely with senior management, class teachers and parents with a common goal of assisting the child to excel.

When a parent or class teacher raises concern about a student’s learning behavior, no stone is left unturned to identify what the student’s educational needs are, map out strategies and involve external bodies if need be. Parents are constantly kept appraised with how the student is responding to the strategies in place as well as their progress.

Learning Resource Centre, spear headed by the SEN Coordinator seeks to:

  • Ensure regular communication with teachers; share information and plans.
  • Assist teachers with modifying the curriculum for the student in question.
  • Develop and implement Student Education Plan’s for students identified as needy.
  • Have regular contacts with parents.
  • Provide in-service to teachers on meeting individual needs.
  • Assist classroom teachers with the assessment procedures.
  • Assist classroom teachers with strategies to differentiate in the classroom.
  • Carry out classroom observations and assess objectively students who have been identified as needing learning support.
  • Assist students with strategies to minimize or overcome their difficulties.

In addition, when there is a need for a referral to be made, parents are supported and provided with a list of accredited clinical psychologists vetted and approved by head of school.

It is a positive thing to make provisions to accommodate all learning styles and here at AIS, that is what we thrive on.