AIS is a private, Pre-K to 12 independent school, with an early childhood program (Pre-K to Kindergarten), Lower school (Grades 1 to 5) and Secondary school (Grades 6 to 12). Under the leadership of the Head of School, AIS aims to serve the local Ghanaian and expatriate community in Ghana. Our summer program consists of academic enrichment opportunities and exciting recreational activities. Both AIS and non-AIS students are welcome to participate. *Reading & Vocabulary Workshops I, II & III: Entering Grades 1-6

Special attention is given to developing adequate reading skills through a combination of phonetic instruction and literary activities. Decoding skills, word analysis, vocabulary development, and strategies that develop both literal and inferential comprehension are emphasized. Also listening skills and following directions are stressed. A diagnostic test will be administered to help determine proper placement of students.

*Language Arts-Workshops I, II & III:        Entering Grades 1 – 6

This course focuses on strengthening spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage, penmanship, and sentence and paragraph structure.

*Writing Workshops I, II & III:                      Entering Grades 1 – 6

The writing course focuses on expressive and persuasive writing skills. It increases confidence in the student’s writing abilities through learning and practicing essential writing skills from pre-writing to the revision process. This course will focus on various writing exercises which also include poetry, non-fiction, fiction/story writing, and play writing.

*Math Workshops I, II & III:                           Entering Grades 1 – 6

This course includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percent, pre-algebra, and word problems, Students will investigate number relationships, math facts and operations from different angles. These thought-provoking activities offer students basic and advanced math practice, while refining their understanding of the process. Students will be grouped on age and/or ability level.

Pre-Algebra:                                                          Entering Grades 5 – 6

This course is for students who have completed arithmetic and is a preparation course for Algebra I. It covers signed numbers, basic algebraic equations, fractions, measurement, and factorization, simplification of expressions, word problems, percentages, ratios, proportions, and basic geometry. Tuition: Gh¢900

*Critical Thinking Math I & II:                       Entering Grades 3 – 6

Students learn the importance of organizing and interpreting data, reasoning logically, heightening their sense of visual order, and internalizing mathematical habits of mind. This course places emphasis on decoding word problems in order to build a better understanding of mathematical concepts. Students will be grouped on age and/or ability level. (Tuition includes testing)

Algebra 1 Workshop:                                         Entering Grades 5 – 6

This rigorous preview course in Algebra prepares students for courses complying with the new trend in mathematics. This Algebra I course covers symbols, set theory, open sentences, properties of real numbers ,linear equations, word problems, absolute value, the Pythagorean theorem, exponents, radicals, factorization, graphs, and quadratic equations. This challenging course is meant for only the most highly motivated 5th and 6th graders. It is strongly recommended that students have already taken pre-algebra.
Tuition: Gh¢900 (Includes testing)

*Science Workshops I, II, III:                        Entering Grades 1 – 6

This course is designed to give students an overview of geology, physics, chemistry, and biology as they impact our universe; the earth’s internal processes; the makeup of the natural world. Included are a study of the earth’s air, water and physical processes as they shape the physical world.