AIS Technology School

— Overview

We aim to empower children with the creative skills that will be required to close the ever widening gap between “users” and “creators” that is becoming more and more obvious in the IT industry. It’s no longer enough to be able to use a computer; we want the computer users of tomorrow to be the creators of their own information-rich digital media.

In the ICT department, we are concerned with the digital world in all its forms. Being digitally literate is an increasingly vital attribute of the 21st Century global citizen. As well as, teaching the use of the standard Office type applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Currently we are teaching computer programming skills to reflect the importance and benefits of coding as a higher order cognitive skill.

Students are introduced to programming concepts. They then use graphical programming applications such as Scratch, Alice and Greenfoot to more easily facilitate development of their coding skills using non-threatening, attractive interfaces.

The Computer Laboratory is well equipped with modern smartboard. All workstations are connected to our local school network and have filtered Internet access. We are very well provisioned with software; each workstation carries a wide range of installed programs.