Association International School

Visual & Performing Arts


— The Musical Production

Aladdin was an all-school musical production, in collaboration with the Accra Symphony Orchestra, in May 2017 at the National Theatre. The cast was composed of students from the Secondary and Lower School Divisions with a few minor parts given to students in the EC Division. Students were selected after rigorous rounds of auditions.

Music and orchestration was led by our Music Department; the 100-member Lower School choir, secondary school choir, and orchestra as well as The Accra Symphony Orchestra. Production vocals were done by the Lower school choir, whereas the main solo renditions were done by the Secondary Division choir and The Accra Symphony Orchestra. Instrumentation was provided by the school orchestra and ASO. The successful event was produced and directed by our ever-talented AIS faculty

— The Performing Arts

Ours is a creatively progressive, action-packed program which gives students the opportunity to explore in-depth drama in a reflective and innovative way. With guided learning hours, students are coached both individually and as an ensemble using dramatic stimuli to develop their performance skills. Students are challenged to communicate their feelings, develop their creative ideas, and build a more positive, self-confident image about themselves in a safe environment. The skills and techniques developed include story-telling, creative writing, understanding the role of the actor, conflict resolution building, structuring a piece of drama, characterization, voice, movement, and the use of theatre terminologies.

Performing Arts is important to the AIS curriculum. Students who participate in dramatic activities are less likely to have difficulty speaking in public and are more persuasive in their communications, both written and oral. Performing arts requires discipline and self-control that will serve students well in all aspects of life.

— Music Recitals

Music is an integral part of the learning experience at AIS. Every student is exposed to music instruction in the classroom. This instruction focuses on the elements, rudiments, and appreciation of music. Students are provided with the resources to listen and explore different styles of music from countries all over the world. Learning to play recorders, handbells and small percussion instruments is part of the classroom culture in elementary school.

Co-curricular activities include the lower and secondary school choirs and the school orchestra. Extra-curricular activities include private one-on-one instruction in piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, trumpet, and clarinet. Also included in the extra-curricular program are cultural dancing and drumming, modern dance, and ballet.