As a parent, you know that all children are not the same. Each child has his or her talents, interests, developmental patterns, and emotional needs. A school that is right for one may not be the best choice for another.

AIS is a unique, independent school founded by individuals bearing the vision of a superior and holistic education. The aims, philosophies, and campus reflect the heritage and goal of its founders. We offer a structured, holistic, traditional approach to teaching, and are academically rigorous. However, we aim to give personal attention to students who struggle academically.

We take pride in maximizing academic growth and potential. We offer varied programs in athletics while also enhancing and promoting the arts. Our highly-qualified teachers curate learning material to personal student needs and not the class average. Through this, your children will refine their areas of strength and master subjects that are difficult for them.

Your child develops sound values. AIS is a highly-religious institution and our Christian moral and ethical standards are visible in our honor code, dress code, insistence on, and enforcement of discipline. The school provides a framework of values upon which your child can develop character and a wholesome orientation to life.

We realize a partnership is a two-way commitment.  Therefore, we, the educators at AIS, will:

  • Engage in a mutually respectful approach with ongoing and effective communication
  • Develop and sustain partnerships with parents that support each student’s well being and increasing autonomy
  • Establish positive, professional relationships with students, characterized by mutual respect, warmth, and goodwill
  • Effectively listen to parents, recognizing that parents have a depth of experience with the student while understanding that parental and educator perspective may justifiably vary
  • Trust and use the agreed-upon process of problem-solving and recognize the specific roles necessary throughout the process
  • Provide an appropriate time and place for a full and confidential discussion
  • Ensure concerns are well understood
  • Participate in the establishment and maintenance of an atmosphere of collegial support and adherence to professional standards
  • Initiate intellectual and professional growth by seeking opportunities to learn, abide by, and practice the Mission, Vision, Values, Philosophy, Policies, Procedures, and other expectations of AIS and raise questions or concerns with the appropriate supervisor
  • Model Christian behavior, integrity, curiosity, and respect for all persons by being committed to the profession of teaching and teaching character formation
  • Enforce standards of student behavior in a fair, firm, compassionate, and educationally sound manner